Natural Stone - Flagstone

A flagstone patio is arguably one of the most aesthetically appealing kinds of patios you can have. It's hard to beat the natural look of slate or flagstone. Comparable in price to a patio made of pavers or stamped concrete, flagstone is a great option.

The main advantage to flagstone is it's rich, natural look. It adds value to your home and landscape. But there are drawbacks to consider before you make your investment. Mainly, a flagstone patio is naturally less flat than other patio options. Tables with adjustable legs may be in order. Also, riding bicycles or tricycles isn't as easy. So if you are looking for a patio for young children to play on, this may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a natural, rich setting, flagstone may be your best option.

Solid Flagstone Pathways

A solid flagstone pathway adds both beauty and function to the landscape. Typically, it winds through a landscape to get from one area of the landscape to another. It is typically 3-4' wide bordered with a permanent edging restraint with pieces of flagstone placed close together in a solid pattern from one edge to the other. The main advantage with this variety of flagstone patio is the aesthetic appeal. The main drawback is the cost. This variety of pathway is more expensive than the alternative below.

Individual Flagstone Steps:

A pathway made of individual flagstone steps is both attractive and inexpensive. They are made by placing large individual pieces of flagstone together in a row to form a pathway. The flagstone are set on a base of compacted gravel. These kinds of walkways can be set inside of lawn or alone, surrounded by mulch or decorative rock.

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