Courtyard Walls

Courtyard walls aren't new in and of themselves. But until recently, if you wanted a seat wall or courtyard wall you had to hire a stone mason and have them hand crafted, which can be quite expensive. But now, companies like Pavestone and Anchor have developed pre-cast courtyard wall systems that give a rich, formal look for a fraction of the traditional price.

Courtyard walls can be made to turn a basic landscape into a more formal courtyard look. Or they can be placed around a patio or lawn as functional seat walls as well. They are constructed of precast concrete blocks, similar to segmental retaining walls, and topped with custom column caps and cap stones. They are held together with a strong concrete adhesive so once constructed, they are a solid, immovable wall unit.

Courtyard walls go great in either formal or natural settings. They look great around concrete, pavers, flagstone, or even fire pits. The possibilities are endless! I think you'll agree they add a touch of class to any landscape.

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