About Haag and Haag

Established in 2000, Haag and Haag Landscaping and Stonework has provided professional landscape and maintenance services to commercial, retail, industrial, and residential customers in a very unique way.

Regardless of the design, simple or elaborate, Haag and Haag recognizes that your property is an important investment. Our goal is to protect your investment and create a look that says something about who you are.

We have a highly trained and skilled staff, eager to assist our customers in achieving all of their landscape needs.

We are located in Marion, Illinois and will deliver proposals and quality work to the Southern Illinois area including, St. Louis, the St Louis Metropolitan area and the Paducah Kentucky region.

At Haag and Haag, we value our relationships with our customers and continually strive to out-perform our competitors by offering attentive and skilled landscape professionals, quality designs, and affordable solutions to meet most any landscaping need.

When choosing a landscape contractor to work with, you want a landscaper who you can trust and depend on. Haag & Haag Landscaping has built our reputation on quality work, trust and dependability.

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