Patios and Walkways

Pavers are pre-formed concrete tiles made to simulate cobblestone, tile, bricks, or even stone. The use of pavers in both patios and pathways have been gaining in popularity over the years. This is mostly due to the increase in the variety and patterns of pavers available today.

Pavers have a lot of advantages. The main advantage to pavers vs. concrete is they do not crack. Even if something like a large tree root raises one area of the pavers, it's simple just to dismantle and repair that one area - no permanent damage occurs. Pavers are also nice in that they are nearly perfectly flat. Depending on the variety you chose, they can be very easy to place furniture on and for kids to play on. Pavers are also very stable, if installed properly. They actually have more compressive strength than concrete and if they are installed properly should never settle or move for as long as you own your home.

The photos we have here are only a small example of pavers that are available today. At your request, we can show you a wide selection of paver options.

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